Who we are

SculptureLondon is London’s only dedicated web portal for Sculpture. Our site is targeted to be easily accessible to a broad audience of collectors, artists, dealers, curators, teachers, historians, connoisseurs, societies, suppliers, enthusiasts and visitors to London.

SculptureLondon aims to deliver comprehensive coverage of London events, spaces & places, galleries, education, suppliers and history and to provide a national and international slant on artists, works, books and trends that are shaping Sculpture.

Conceived and launched in 2016, the founder and editor is Francesca Raleigh. I have a background in finance and have been passionate about sculpture since I was a teenager. The idea to start SculptureLondon grew out of a frustration that there wasn’t a go-to source to find out about London’s Sculpture events, collections, outdoor spaces, public projects, education, galleries and rich history. In my researches I came across stimulating articles, images and videos from around the world which I wanted to showcase – this became Editors Plinth. I also wanted to provide an online catalogue of sculpture art, reference and practical publications and we are in the process of loading up almost 100 books (and some films). I also wanted to provide a resource for sculptors and we have a list of London foundries and national material & tool suppliers, to which we will be adding other categories including workspace.

SculptureLondon is a self-funded start-up and we are targeting income from advertising and sponsorship.

If you would like to apply for an internship please contact us.

Our mission

▪ To successfully offer a holistic resource on sculpture in London.
▪ To make our site easily accessible to a broad audience.
▪ To champion Sculptors and Sculpture in Britain.
▪ To build our offering nationally and by service.
▪ To build a vibrant Sculpture community.

To this end we are appealing for your input:

▪ Please send us any comments, suggestions and sculpture related news that we can share (events, locations, images, articles, resources)
▪ We welcome guest articles
▪ We welcome the chance to partner with and promote like minded sculpture bodies.