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Object lessons at the Hepworth Wakefield: the importance of sculpture – THE GUARDIAN

The Turner shortlist recognises the skill and significance of modern sculptors. Why do they need another prize? The director of the Hepworth Wakefield explains ….

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sculpture societies



Formed in 1905, the RBS is the oldest and largest organisation dedicated to sculpture in the UK. “Committed to the pursuit of excellence in the art form, we aim to inspire, inform and engage people with sculpture/three dimensional art. We offer opportunities to see and experience the extraordinary diversity of contemporary work and to learn from those who make it through our exhibition programme. We support sculptors by providing bursaries to newly emergent sculptors, professional development seminars, a mentoring scheme and a growing number of awards and residencies. Established in 1905 as a not-for-profit company, we are a membership society of 600 + professional sculptors and are a registered charity”.
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portrait sculptors


The Society of Portrait Sculptors is a representative body of professional sculptors committed to making portrait and figurative sculpture accessible to a wider public. The aims of The Society are to advance the art of three-dimensional and bas-relief portraiture; to maintain, promote and encourage the highest standards; to challenge preconceptions about portrait sculpture and to stimulate increased interest in an art form that is timeless yet contemporary. To achieve this The Society works in several ways but primarily through its Annual Open Exhibition and by seeking to encourage education and training in the art through lectures, prizes and sculpture classes.
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sculpture cymru


Sculpture Cymru is an organisation of sculptors living and working in Wales. The organisation creates opportunities for sculptors to come together to make work, exhibit and exchange ideas. It’s members organise exhibitions, residencies, workshops and seminars and work with sculptors and groups from other countries. Recent collaborations have involved artists from Brittany, Ireland, Catalunya, Argentina and the USA. Sculpture Cymru operates a Student Award to selected graduates of sculpture in Wales, providing free membership and the opportunity to take part in Sculpture Cymru activities for one year after graduation.
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surrey sculptors


The Society has over 350 members, spread across the South-East, encompassing both professionals and talented amateurs. It aims to promote interaction between sculptors, to organise exhibitions and to encourage an appreciation of sculpture. The Society holds 6 major exhibitions annually. To encourage appreciation of sculpture, the Society stages a number of lectures by leading sculptors during the year which are hosted at Surrey University.
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swsa logo


We are a group of makers of sculpture who feel great benefit from being able to meet others who share our interests but always seem to have different skills and new information. Our aims: to provide a forum for discussion; sharing of ideas and resources; peer review of our work; to run group exhibitions and events.
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public commissioning & advisory bodies



The Artquest programme at University of the Arts London has supported professional visual artists in London and beyond since 2001. Initially providing predominantly online advice and information for visual artists about their careers, the programme has broadened to include internships, graduate studio and research residencies, legal advice, artist career case studies, international studio exchange, mentoring, discounts, publications and debates alongside a 1,500+ page advice website.
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Public Art Online


This public art information site provides guidance and examples of public art practice from around the UK and internationally. The website is currently under review as Ixia (the public art think tank) has taken over the ownership and management from the Arts Council England.
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PMSA: Public Monuments & Sculpture Association

Established in 1991, the PMSA aims to heighten public appreciation of Britain’s public sculpture, and to contribute to its preservation, protection and promotion. It seeks to achieve this through several projects that include: the National Recording Project, the Sculpture Journal, Save our Sculpture and the Marsh Award for Public Sculpture. It aims to bring together individuals and organisations with a mutual interest in public sculpture and monuments, their production, preservation and history. The current time-span begins from around the Stuart period and extends to new commissions of the present day.
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Visual Artists Ireland provides practical support to visual artists in all art forms throughout their careers. Our Advocacy, Advice, and Membership services combine with our Professional Development and Art News Centre to be the most comprehensive support and information service available to visual artists in Ireland today. See commissions and competitions sections for opportunities.
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