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Alexander Calder & Fischli / Weiss
by Riechen/Basel Fondation Beyeler 2016 Hardback: 271 pages 

Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature
by Andy Goldsworthy 1998 Hardback: 120 pages

Andy Goldsworthy: Ephemeral Works: 2004-2014
by Andy Goldsworthy 2015 Hardback: 367 pages

Andy Goldsworthy: Touching Nature (Sculptors Series)
by William Malpas 2016 Paperback: 312 pages 

Anish Kapoor (20th century living masters)
by Anfam, Burton, Deacon, De Salvo 2009 Hardback: 527 pages

Anish Kapoor: Flashback
by Kapoor, Bracewell, Renton 2011 Hardback: 96 pages

Anish Kapoor: Unconformity and Entropy
by Schaffer, Lowe & Kapoor 2015 Paperback: 254 pages

Anthony Caro
by Anthony Caro 2014 Hardback: 464 pages

Anthony Caro: A Life in Sculpture (Art Recently Published)
by Julius Bryant 2004 Hardback: 96 pages

Anthony Caro - First Drawings Last Sculptures
by Sir Anthony Caro 2017 Paperback

Anthony Cragg: Parts of the World
by Tony Cragg & Gerhard Finckh 2016 Hardback: 479 pages 

Antony Gormley (Phaidon Contemporary Artists Series)
 by John Hutchinson & Anthony Gormley 2000 Paperback: 211 pages

Anthony Gormley Designi Drawings
2011 Hardback: 209 pages

Antony Gormley (Modern Artists Series) (Tate Modern Artists)
by Martin Caiger-Smith 2010 Paperback: 119 pages

Antony Gormley on Sculpture
by Anthony Gormley & Mark Holborn 2015 Paperback: 240 pages

by Eric Robertson 2006 Hardback: 248 pages

Barbara Hepworth (British Artists)
by Penelope Curtis 2013 Hardback: 96 pages 

Barbara Hepworth: The Plasters The Gift to Wakefield
by Barbara Hepworth 2011 Hardback: 208 pages 

Barbara Hepworth: The Hospital Drawings
by Nathaniel Hepburn & Barbara Hepworth 2012 Paperback: 128 pages 

Barbara Hepworth: Writings and Conversations
by Harry N Abrams 2015 Hardback: 304 pages

British New School
by Ben Hunter & Abby Hignell 2016 Paperback: 116 pages 

David Smith: Form in Colour (Hb)
by Michelle White 2016 Hardback: 143 pages 


Eduardo Paolozzi
by Daniel F Herrmann & Eduardo Paolozzi 2017 Paperback: 320 pages

Eduardo Paolozzi
by Eduardo Paolozzi 2017 Hardback: 320 pages 

Eduardo Paolozzi
by Judith Collins 2014 Hardback: 304 pages

Elisabeth Frink Catalogue Raisonne of Sculpture 1947-93
by Elizabeth Frink 2013 Hardback: 207 pages 

Eric Gill: The Sculpture
by Judith Collins & Eric Gill 1998 Hardback: 240 pages 

Fourth Plinth: How London Created the Smallest Sculpture Park in the World
by Grayson Perry & Isabel de Vasconcellos 2016 Hardback: 208 pages

Frink: The Official Biography Of Elisabeth Frink
by Stephen Gardiner 1998 Hardback: 326 pages

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska 2009 Paperback: 239 pages 

Henry Moore
by Henry Moore & Chris Stephens 2010 Paperback: 240 pages

Henry Moore: From the Inside Out (Art Flexi Series)
by Allenand-Cosneau, Fath & Mitchinson 2009 Paperback: 200 pages

Henry Moore: Plasters
by Anita Feldman & Malcolm Woodward 2011 Hardback: 160 pages 

Jacob Epstein (British Artists)
by Richard Cork 1999 Paperback: 80 pages 

Jeff Koons: Now
by Jeff Koons 2016 Hardback: 90 pages 

Learning to Look at Sculpture
by Mary Acton 2014 Paperback: 331 pages 

Listening to Stone: The Art and Life of Isamu Noguchi
by Hayden Herrera 2015 Hardback: 448 pages 

Louise Nevelson: Art is Life
by Laurie Wilson 2016 Hardback: 512 pages

Lynn Chadwick
by Michael Bird 2014 Hardback: 191 pages 

Lynn Chadwick Sculptor
by Dennis Farr & Eva Chadwick 2014 Hardback: 456 pages 

Lynn Chadwick: 2-Volume Boxed Set
by Bird, Chadwick & Farr 2014 Hardback: 648 pages

Marvelous Objects: Surrealist Sculpture From Paris to New York
by Valerie J Fletcher 2015 Hardback: 192 pages 

Modern British Sculpture (Schiffer Art Books)
by Guy Portelli 2005 Hardback: 320 pages 

Modern Sculpture: A Concise History (World of Art)
by Herbert Read 1964 Paperback: 320 pages 

Outdoor Art: Extraordinary Sculpture Parks and Art in Nature
by Silvia Langen 2015 Hardback: 207 pages

Passages in Modern Sculpture (The MIT Press)
by Rosalind E Krauss 1981 Paperback: 308 pages 

Picasso Sculpture
by Ann Temkin & Anne Umland 2015 Hardback: 320 pages 

Public Sculpture in Britain: A History
by Geoff Archer 2013 Paperback: 416 pages 


Public Sculpture of Outer South and West London (Public Sculpture of Britain)
by Lloyd, Potkin & Thackara 2011 Hardback: 404 pages 

Richard Deacon (Contemporary Artists)
by Jon Thompson & Richard Deacon 2000 Paperback: 212 pages 

Richard Deacon (Modern Artists Series) (Tate Modern Artists)
by Wallis, Curtis & Gleadowe 2014 Paperback: 128 pages 

Richard Deacon: On the Other Side
by Christiane Schneider 2016 Hardback: 120 pages 

Richard Deacon - What You See is What You Get
by Ariel Plotek 2017 Hardback: 112 pages 

Richard Wentworth
by Marina Warner 1993 Paperback: 126 pages 

by Francois Blanchetiere 2016 Hardback: 96 pages

Sculpture: From Antiquity to the Present Day
by Taschen 2013 Hardback: 1148 pages 

Sculpture Now (World of Art)
by Anna Moszynska 2013 Paperback: 232 pages 

Sculpture of Reg Butler (The British Sculptors & Sculpture)
by Margaret Garlake 2006 Hardback: 176 pages

Sculpture Parks and Trails of Britain & Ireland
by Alison Stace 2013 Paperback: 224 pages 

Sculpture Since 1945 (Oxford History of Art)
by Andrew Causey 1998 Paperback: 299 pages 

Sculpture Today
by Judith Collins 2014 Paperback: 464 pages 

Sir Alfred Gilbert and the New Sculpture: British Sculpture 1850-1930
by Robert Bowman & Payton Skipwith 2016 Hardback: 128 pages

by Andy Goldsworthy 1994 Hardback: 120 pages 

The Dictionary of Sculptors in Bronze
by James Alexander-Mackay 1992 Hardback: 414 pages

Drawings of Barbara Hepworth
by Alan G Wilkinson 2015 Hardback: 144 pages

The Elements of Sculpture: A Viewer's Guide
by Herbert George 2014 Hardback: 192 pages

The Making of Sculpture
 by Harry N Abrams 2007 Paperback: 192 pages 

The Materials of Sculpture
by Nicholas Penny 1995 Paperback: 318 pages 

Sculpture of Bill Woodrow
by Julia Kelly & Jon Wood 2013 Hardback: 224 pages 

The Sculpture of George Kennethson, 1910-1994
by Richard Cork 2014 Paperback: 86 pages 

The Sculpture of Leon Underwood (British Sculptors & Sculpture)
by Ben Whitworth & Leon Underwood 2000 Hardback: 152 pages 

The Sculpture of Michael Lyons
by Judith LeGrove 2013 Hardback: 224 pages 

Time: Andy Goldsworthy
by Andy Goldsworthy & Terry Friedman 2008 Paperback: 202 pages

Time in the Stone: A Light Touch and a Long View
by Emily Young 2007 Hardback: 127 pages 

Tony Cragg: Against the Grain
by Jon Wood & Tony Cragg 2012 Hardback: 127 pages

Tony Cragg: Unnatural Selection
by Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt 2017 Hardback: 104 pages 

... Unto Heaven Will I Ascend
by Raquel Gilboa 2013 Paperback: 252 pages

Victorian Sculpture
by Benedict Read 1983 Paperback

Wood: Andy Goldsworthy
by Andy Goldsworthy & Terry Friedman 2010 Hardback: 115 pages
Advanced Mouldmaking and Casting
by Nick Brooks 2011 Hardback: 160 pages 

Anatomy for 3D Artists: The Essential Guide for CG Professionals
by Chris Legaspi 2015 Paperback: 288 pages 

Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist (Galaxy Books)
by Stephen Rogers Peck 1982 Paperback: 272 pages

Bronze Sculpture Casting & Patination: Mud,Fire,Metal
by Steve Hurst 2004 Hardback: 335 pages 

Ceramic Sculpture: Making Faces
by Alex Irvine 2014 Paperback: 128 pages 

Direct Stone Sculpture (Schiffer Art Books)
by Milt Liebson 2001 Hardback: 192 pages 

Figure Sculpture in Wax and Plaster (Dover Art Instruction)
by Richard McDermott Miller 1987 Paperback: 175 pages

Metal: Design and Fabrication
by David Frisch & Susan Frisch 1998 Hardback: 176 pages 

Modelage du corps humain : La silhouette
by Philippe Chazot 2006 Paperback: 79 pages 

Modelage du corps humain : pieds, mains, tête
by Philippe Chazot 2007 Paperback: 79 pages 

Modelage, têtes et expressions
by Berit Hildre 2003 Paperback: 79 pages 

Modelling and Sculpting Animals (Dover Art Instruction)
by Eduardo Lanteri 2000 Paperback: 233 pages 

Modelling and Sculpting the Figure
by Tanya Russell 2012 Paperback: 128 pages 

Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure (Dover Art Instruction)
by Eduardo Lanteri 1986 Paperback: 312 pages 

Modelling Heads and Faces in Clay
by Berit Hildre 2008 Paperback: 79 pages 

Modelling the Figure in Clay (Practical Craft Books)
by Bruno Lucchesi 1996 Paperback: 143 pages

Modelling the Head in Clay (Practical Craft Books)
by Bruno Lucchesi 1996 Paperback: 159 pages 

Mold Making, Casting & Patina: For the Student Sculptor
by Bruner Felton Barrie 1992 Paperback: 116 pages 

Ronde-bosse & bas-relief. Le modelage
by Philippe Chazot 2001 Paperback: 79 pages 

Sculpting the Figure in Clay
by Peter Rubino 2010 Paperback: 192 pages 

Sculpture as Experience
by Judith Peck 2007 Paperback: 176 pages 

Sculpture in Stone
by Cami Satamera 2001 Hardback: 192 pages 

The Bible of Sculpting Techniques
by Claire Waite Brown 2007 Hardback: 192 pages 


On Being A Sculptor
by Henry Moore 2010 Paperback: 47 pages 

by Jacob Epstein 2011 Paperback

Stone Mad
by Seamus Murphy 2005 Paperback: 229 pages

The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance
by Edmund De Waal 2011 Paperback: 354 pages 

The Man Behind the Sculpture: The Autobiography of Wilfred Cass
by Wilfred Cass 2015 Paperback: 248 pages 
Carving Animal Caricatures (Dover Woodworking)
by Elmer Waltner 2012 Paperback: 108 pages

Make Build Create: Sculpture Projects for Children
by Paula Briggs 2016 Paperback: 144 pages

Meet Barbara Hepworth
by Laura Carlin 2015 Paperback: 32 pages 

13 Sculptures Children Should Know (13 Series)
by Angela Wenzel 2010 Hardback: 45 pages 

The Giant Game of Sculpture
by Herve Tullet 2014 Hardback: 16 pages
Camille Claudel [1988] [DVD]
starring Isabelle Adjani and Gerard Depardieu 1988

documentary by Francesco Clerici of the bronze sculpture process 2016

Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict [DVD]
documentary by Lisa Vreeland 2015 

Private Life of a Masterpiece: The Complete Series 1 - 5 [DVD]
documentary starring Samuel West, Richard Cork, Jonathan Jones 2001

Richard Deacon - In Between (DVD)
documentary by Claudia Schmid 2013 

Richard Serra - Thinking on your feet - Sehen ist denken
documentary by Maria Anna Tappeiner 2005

Abney Park Stone Carvers, Stoke Newington

Part time stone carving courses

Art Academy, Southwark

2 year Figure Sculpture Diploma; Part time courses

Camberwell College of Art, Camberwell

Central Saint Martins, Kings Cross

Short sculpture courses; BA Fine Art; MA Fine Art

Chelsea College of Arts, Pimlico

BA Fine Art; Graduate Diploma Fine Art; MA Fine Art

City Lit, Covent Garden

Part time sculpture courses

City & Guilds Art School, Kennington

BA in Fine Art; MA in Fine Art; Postgraduate diploma in historic carving; Diploma in architectural stone carving; Diploma in ornamental woodcarving and gilding.

Goldsmiths, New Cross

MFA in Fine Art; BA in Fine Art

Heatherleys School of Fine Art, Chelsea

Diploma and Post Dipoma in Sculpture; Part time courses in Figurative Sculpture

Katherine Worthington, Islington

Short stone carving courses

Kensington & Chelsea College, Chelsea

HNC in Fine Art; Level 2 Fine Art Diploma; QCF in Fine Art

Kingston University, Kingston-upon-Thames

BA Fine Art, MFA Fine Art, short bronze casting sculpture course

Lavender Hill Studios, Battersea

Part time and short Sculpture courses

London Fine Art Studios, Battersea

Part time and evening Sculpture courses

London Sculpture Workshop, Woolwich

Short courses on welding, mound making and casting

Mary Ward Centre, Holborn

Part time sculpture courses

Morley College, Lambeth

Part time Sculpture courses

Pangaea Sculptor’s Centre, (new space in development)

A London-based resource that brings together the production of sculpture with critical, cultural and educational programming.

Richmond Adult Community College, Richmond

Part time figurative life sculpture course

Royal College of Art, Battersea

Sculpture MA

Royal Drawing School, South Kensington

Short sculpture drawing course

South Thames College, Wandsworth and Morden.

Fine Art & Sculpture Diploma; Part time clay sculpture course

St John’s Church, Bethnal Green

Part time stone carving courses

Wimbledon College of Art, Wimbledon

BA Sculpture; MFA Fine Art

WMC The Camden College, Camden Town

Part time wood carving and sculpture courses; UAL foundation diploma

Flints Theatrical Chandlers 

Supplier of specialist theatre hardware and paints

Supplier of tools and consumables to the natural stone trade

Jackson’s Art Supplies

Supplier of selected sculptors tools, materials and equipment. 2 outlets in London (Fulham and Stoke Newington)

Supplier of hand tools, woodcarving tools, cutting tools and material.

UK manufacturer and supplier of sculptor’s tools, materials and studio equipment, for carving, modelling, mould making, casting & restoration. London outlet in Warren Street

Raw stone from Zimbabwe

Clipsham Quarry Company

Grantham, Lincolnshire 

Limestone sculpting blocks

Crawshaws Stone

Croydon, Surrey

Supplier of tools and consumables to the stone trade

Marlborough, Wiltshire

Carveable block including pure statuary, alabaster, soap stones, polyphony and the more common Carrara types

Nigel Owen Stone

Yelvertoft, Northamptonshire

Alabaster, soapstone, limestone and marble blocks

AB Fine Art Foundry



The Docklands

Theydon Bois

The Society of Portrait Sculptors

The Society of Portrait Sculptors has some useful documents on their website  which are free to download and provide guidance to sculptors in their business relationship with foundries. The documents are recommended by the Fine Art Foundries Association (FAFA) and developed in conjunction with The Society of Portrait Sculptors and The Royal British Society of Sculptors.


Art colleges and supply listings are free on SculptureLondon.  Please let us know if we have missed anything.


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